Monday, 11 January 2016

Bathrom Interior Design

2016 could be the year that you update your bathroom. What all do you need to do to make a difference?

Well, not to much if you want to make even a good change.

The bathroom suite is one thing that you can change. A new pan and cistern, with a brand new sink will definitely brighten up your WC and make it look fresh for 2016.

You could change the tile and not change your bathroom suite. Brand new tiles will change the look of your bathroom and brighten up those surrounding walls.

The changes that you make all depend on your budget. If you have a big budget you can really afford to make the changes to your new bathroom.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Shoe Styles to suit men

These are cool shoe styles to suit men:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
The Chuck has no age, does not discriminate tastes and is classic. Chucks are not only inexpensive, but there are millions of materials and colors to choose from. The best Chucks are the ones that are ready to fall off your feet, because it tells people you appreciate an original. The Jack Purcell comes in close second to the Chuck.

Clarks Originals Desert Boot
Mod or Rocker, McQueen or average Joe, the D-boot in sand suede or brown leather is a must for any lifestyle. This simple understated style also shouts sophistication. As a quintessential casual, it can also be worn in a business situation. Take cues from the Brits. They really know how to wear the D-boot for any occasion.

Camper Pelotas
Creative and intellectual individuals in the States have adopted Pelotas. Pelotas have probably been the best selling casual shoe in Europe over the past decade. They take inspiration from vintage futbol shoes for casual wear. They have been copied by every cheap-sell footwear retailer, so skip Pay-less and invest in the original.

Adidas Stan Smith
Clean, simple and better as they age. This tennis court kick looks great on anyone. The only classic version in my book is the original vintage white leather with green color pops. Although, the Adidas shell toe is classic, I would not characterize it as a basic.

Rockport World Tour
Probably the saddest looking shoe ever designed, but that is why they are great. They are unpretentious and are like walking on a pillow. Older men swear by them and twenty-something hipsters make them look cool. The Pro Walker and 3250's are in the same genre of comfort walking shoes that are style-less. Wear if you dare!

Vans Classic Slip-on
If you think Converse is a little too mainstream, the Vans classic slip-on is still the independent choice for an easy to wear California-styled vulcanized shoe. I have seen this shoe worn by skaters to fifty years olds on sailboats.

Wingtip or English Brogues
Whatever color, brand or price, these shoes are staples for your wardrobe. They are sort of like the paisley tie. They are always updated and come in various last shapes, brogue sizes and materials. The evolution keeps them in style. In my opinion, Paul Smith can do no wrong with his wingtips.

Tassel Loafers, Penny Loafers or Slip-ons
Be careful! These shoes are like a Cadillac. You can drive a vintage convertible Caddy and look cool, drive an Escalade and look fly, but who drives the other models? Exactly! If you are under forty years of age and do not wear-pleated khaki's, don't do it! You are better off shopping upstairs at Barney's NYC for cooler European versions.

Sperry Topsiders Deck Shoe
Since 1935, these shoes have been a basic on and off the boat. These shoes never go out of style and can look great with any type of style. There are so many brands, especially American brand like Murphy and Nye. An Italian company bought them and really made them stylish and premium. I love the latest classic white and navy deck shoes by G-Star Raw. The last or toe shape is perfect for shorts or jeans.

Timberland Work Boot
Was there ever a boot you could notice five miles away? Whether construction worker, homeboy or Details magazine is my bible man, the Timba boot is a basic. If the yellow is too loud for you just don the brown. Simple and you do not even have to hammer anything. These also double as hiking boots, because they are lighter and slightly more flexible than the traditional Bally. Please don't wear Nike ACG or Merrell, unless you are a poser!

Nike Air Force
These kicks define sport culture. Old school basketball, skate, tennis etc. I think Running shoes are too specific and should never be worn unless you are running. Cross-trainers are too dated and nobody really wears modern basketball kicks. Do they? The Air Force is the definitive "athletic" sneak.